Sunday, 27 October 2013

A New Quilt for a Beautiful Baby Girl!!

One of the doctor's that I work for was 3 months ahead of me in her pregnancy......It was actually kind of cool, she had just told us she was pregnant at 12 weeks, and within days I found out I was pregnant! It was a joke around the clinic to not drink the water! Haha!

Anyways, all throughout her pregnancy we all said she was having a girl, but apparently little one wasn't very cooperative at her ultrasounds and we never did know what she was having until she had her! And a sweet little peanut she is! She is tiny and adorable! I don't think mine will ever be that small but I had so much fun making her a very pink baby quilt!

Who doesn't love minky!!!
I am quite impressed with how it turned out!
My office had a small baby shower/lunch for me, at which she brought her baby to. I was able to give her her gift and get some baby snuggles in while I was at it! Her little tiny bum rested perfectly on my belly, which must have woke my baby up because immediately he started kicking her! It was too cute! A little surreal to think that I will be holding my own baby in less than 8 weeks......however, like I said, I don't think he will ever be that small, I don't think she is 8lbs even and he will most likely be born more than that! But he is healthy and I have a post to follow this one on our latest ultrasound :D

Soon I will have my little guy here! I. Can't. Wait,
Talk to you soon!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Another awesome giveaway from Maureen Cracknell!

Hi there!! It is a cloudy chilli Friday morning here in Calgary but it was made a little bit sunnier with this wonderfully cute fabric bundle giveaway from Maureen Cracknell!
 Fabric Giveaway Friday!
  Her fabric choices are always so gorgeous! To enter this give away, please go to her blog at:

You can get up to 4 entries, by commenting on her post, following her, following intrepid thread (who is sponsoring the giveaway) and sharing!

Happy Friday!!!!