Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sewing for my baby boy!

I am officially 36 weeks.....4 more weeks to go till baby time, I am on maternity leave and sewing up a storm.....I LOVE IT! In the past 4 days, I finished his mini quilt - made from scraps, will probably be a little blanket for the floor or a changing blanket. I finished 2 more fitted crib sheets - I now have 3 in total, I will be getting approx 10 more from my mom. I made 3 change pad covers and 15 bum cloths from scraps from all of the above - going to compare to disposable and see what we think! I am so excited!

The little quilt :)

I used painters tape to do the cross quilting, I saw it on a tutorial a while back, this was the first time I tried it and I'm soooo impressed!! Something I will definitely do again! 

Change pad covers...

And fitted sheets....

And the bum cloths :) I really think I am going to like using them over the disposable....

I also 'recovered' two wicker baskets to coordinate with his bedding, I will post those in another post, once his nursery is officially finished! I assured DF (we are now engaged as of Sept. 27th!) that I had a vision and I am soooooooo happy it is coming together so well!!

Until then!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A New Quilt for a Beautiful Baby Girl!!

One of the doctor's that I work for was 3 months ahead of me in her pregnancy......It was actually kind of cool, she had just told us she was pregnant at 12 weeks, and within days I found out I was pregnant! It was a joke around the clinic to not drink the water! Haha!

Anyways, all throughout her pregnancy we all said she was having a girl, but apparently little one wasn't very cooperative at her ultrasounds and we never did know what she was having until she had her! And a sweet little peanut she is! She is tiny and adorable! I don't think mine will ever be that small but I had so much fun making her a very pink baby quilt!

Who doesn't love minky!!!
I am quite impressed with how it turned out!
My office had a small baby shower/lunch for me, at which she brought her baby to. I was able to give her her gift and get some baby snuggles in while I was at it! Her little tiny bum rested perfectly on my belly, which must have woke my baby up because immediately he started kicking her! It was too cute! A little surreal to think that I will be holding my own baby in less than 8 weeks......however, like I said, I don't think he will ever be that small, I don't think she is 8lbs even and he will most likely be born more than that! But he is healthy and I have a post to follow this one on our latest ultrasound :D

Soon I will have my little guy here! I. Can't. Wait,
Talk to you soon!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Another awesome giveaway from Maureen Cracknell!

Hi there!! It is a cloudy chilli Friday morning here in Calgary but it was made a little bit sunnier with this wonderfully cute fabric bundle giveaway from Maureen Cracknell!
 Fabric Giveaway Friday!
  Her fabric choices are always so gorgeous! To enter this give away, please go to her blog at:

You can get up to 4 entries, by commenting on her post, following her, following intrepid thread (who is sponsoring the giveaway) and sharing!

Happy Friday!!!!


Monday, 9 September 2013

It's really happening!

After a gorgeous sunny (and hot!!) day spent with my best friend and her children at our local amusement park, I came home to my DB and our first actual piece of baby furniture, ready to be put together. It was supposed to be a crib but Sears messed up the order and sent us the coordinating change table instead....I wasn't too upset as we were planning on getting that as well, I just wasn't sure if it was going to be that exact one, however once I saw it, I liked it and decided not to sent it back. We will just be getting our crib at a later date :).

So as I said, it was a very hot day today so DB decides he was going to build it in the only room in our house with ac, out bedroom. Seeing as how our laundry room is conveniently located right outside our bedroom door, I decided I would keep cool and keep him company while doing laundry.....more specifically - baby laundry!!! Oh my, the smell of Ivory baby laundry soap, it's pure heaven and I cannot wait to cuddle my little boy in his cute, baby powder smelling, teeny tiny clothing! It was surreal, I mean SURREAL folding my baby boys laundry while watching my future husband put together his change table. Something I have only dreamed of doing.

Tee Hee!!

 It's really happening. I want to cherish this time I have him safe within me, I want to savor the time DB and I have alone together, but this is going to be the longest 4 months the ever!!! I can't wait to meet my little man. It truly is happening. And I couldn't be happier. <3

 And the start of his room.....

The change table DB put together :)

And some of his little boy clothes :))

And his little bassinet that I will have right close to me for the first days, weeks, months?? (We haven't decided full on that one)

And BLANKETS!! More blankets!
The basket that's over flowing with flannel, those are yards of cut flannel that I have yet to finish for receiving blankets, then the middle one is full of store bought blankets and the last one, well I have to as my friend who gave it to has little snaps all over it?? I'm a little confused....
But either way, it is really truly happening and I cannot wait! Is it really this surreal for everyone??
Love struck,

Baby T's First Quilt!

So, I was just waaaating for my 19 week ultrasound so that we could finally find out what we were that I could start sewing the crib bedding and curtains and blankets and such. As you saw in one of my previous posts, we are having a boy! So that night, DB and I browsed through google images of baby boy quilts until we found the color scheme we wanted to go with, rather than a specific theme. This is what we came up with for our color choices:

Blue, brown and green.....

And some flannel for fitted sheets....(I will post pics and the awesome YouTube tute. I used for them on a later post)
So I took a few pictures of that first one above with all the quilting cottons, to see how the colors went together, etc., and in the end, I decided to just stick with the one panel and the brown dotted flannel for the background and batting. Once I had my 'quilt sandwich' together, I tried to free motion quilt the images on the panel and boy oh boy that was a disaster! SO! I decided to hand quilt my very first quilt, and I thought how fitting, my first hand quilted project would be for my first born son. Something I will definitely keep in our chest once he is outgrow in :). This is the end result after only a few weeks...

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed! It was a joy making this for my son and I can't wait to see him all wrapped up in it! 
 (Go You Tube!!)

The striped print that was originally attached to the panel, I will be using that one for the crib dust ruffle, and the blue, green and brown solids will be for the curtains. And then I have some wooden wall decals and other various nursery items in the giraffe/lion/monkey theme that I will be decorating his room with :D! I can't wait!!

 I would LOVE to hear what your first hand quilted project was and how it went for you! Please feel free to post comments!


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My New Etsy Shop is Open for Business!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I just updated my Etsy shop last night and thought I would post a link to it! I am so so so excited about it! It is a combined project my mom and I have started together, selling quilts her and I have made, as well as fabric pre-cuts. We are both really looking forward to this new adventure in our lives and excited to see where this will take us. This is only the beginning but it is a start to my dream of one day owning my own quilt shop.......I can't wait. Let the adventure begin!

Please head on over via this link -> Amy's Etsy Shop and give it a quick look! We don't have much just yet but it will continue to expand and I will keep my blog updated as new products are added :D! 

Thank-you so much for stopping by!

Oh, and P.S. I have been quilting my little fingers away on my son's first crib quilt.....I am excited to post the finished pics! I will also attach a cool crib sheet tutorial I used to make him a couple coordinating crib sheets...stay tuned! :)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Maureen Cracknell Handmade & The Intrepid Thread

I am constantly coming across new (well new to me) quilting and crafting bloggers and Maureen Cracknell is one of my new fave bloggers!
I would not have come across her blog (well not just yet at least) 
had it not been for a giveaway of hers that the Intrepid Thread is sponsoring.....
Well WOW! Is she ever talented!!
I am so glad I fell a upon her blog because she has one more follower.

Head on over by clicking the link above to follow her wicked awesome blog. 
I can't wait to get some inspiration from her! 
This is why I love my online quilting community!

Have a great Friday night!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I am a huge fan of Bloglovin ( ). It shows all my favorite blogs in one place on one page, and rather than go to each individual blog to find out what's happening and what's new, I can go to my Bloglovin app and see all the updated posts from my fave blogs. Pretty cool. It did take me a bit to figure out how to add my own blog and get the little badge up on my page, but it is here now so if you would like to check out Bloglovin to easily read all your favorite blogs, simply click on the link and you can go from there :). Enjoy!

Monday, 22 July 2013

My Baby Boy... <3<3<3

I am soooooo beyond excited, actually excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel....I am over the moon, head over heels in love, so much that I feel I could burst at the seams. We are having a baby BOY! We had out 19 week ultrasound today and saw our baby for the first time since he was just a little dot on the screen, and you know what? He is BEAUTIFUL! He is our little man! I so so so excited to meet him in 4 months!

Yup, those are his little hands :D

Isn't that the cutest little clip EVER?!? I just love him <3
Until next time, mother completely smitten,

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Shades of Envy....

A while back, I watched a tutorial on the "Jelly Roll Race" on my favorite You Tube channel by Jenny Doan at, she is wicked awesome at her tutorials and I just had to try this pattern. It looked like so much fun and it was EASY! So, I did some research on various jelly roll prints, as I have never gotten one before and I wanted to find the perfect one, which I did in fact come across, but I will be posting that one at a later date ;)......that one will be an extra special project......sooooo, I decided to do a practice one!

Now a jelly roll typically consists of about 40 (sometimes less, depending on the seller) 2.5" by width of fabric strips. Since I didn't have a jelly roll, as I am waiting for "the perfect one" to arrive in the mail any day now, I just cut 2.5" strips from yardage, which is super easy (and cheaper in the end, but jelly rolls are oh so much fun when you can get all the prints in a specific line all conveniently wrapped up for you :)). Anyways, I chose my prints and cut my strips....

My mom lent me a large bag of green yardage to cut from to make an Irish Chain quilt, which I decided against at this time so I decided to pick from it for my Jelly Roll quilt, which I cleverly (haha) titled "Shades of Envy".
I cut 40 strips and then sewed them together, on the bias, to create a 2.5" x 1760" strip of fabric! Longest piece of fabric I have ever seen let me tell ya! So I then folded this piece in half to create a 2.5" x 880" strip of fabric and I sewed allllllll along one side and then cut to make 2 strips of 880"...
This is the 1760" strip folded in half...

I got through that entire strip, started the second fold and promptly ran out of thread on both my bobbin and top spool at exactly the same time, that has never ever happened before, I have no idea how I planned that...

I had to take a pic, I was that amazed lol.

And so I rewound and sewed, and folded and sewed, and folded and sewed, and folded and sewed, and when I was all done I ended up with this beauty of a quilt top :).

I am soooooo SOOOOOOO excited to back, quilt and bind it! It will be our St. Patrick's day quilt for the front room :). DB is Irish so he's pretty stoked!

And this is just a pic of my temporary sewing room, my kitchen, as DB and I are currently in the process of setting up my new sewing studio in the basement, while getting the baby's room ready <3.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!  

Thanks for stopping by :D!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Introductions are in order!

First off, I'd like to say that this is my very first blog and I am ohhhh so excited to get going with it! I have been thinking about it, planning, dreaming and taking pictures for a while now, trying to get myself prepared and I feel that I am ready to take the leap!

To start off, a little bit about myself....I am 30 years old, I am a pediatric nurse and my dearest boyfriend (which will from now forth be referred to as DB) and I are expecting our first baby in December 2013! We will be adding on to our furry family of an 8 year old sheltie named Dixie, a 3 year old  black lab named Alli and a 2 year old ragdoll cat named Sparrow, it will definitely be a full house! We are so SOOO!! very excited, but more on that in a later post :). One of my biggest passions (other than becoming a mother) is sewing, more specifically, quilting. So therefore, my blog will focus primarily on my latest projects, fabric finds and inspirations I am dreaming about and/or planning on doing in the near future. As well, it will include my trials and tribulations throughout my pregnancy and becoming a first time mom <3. I have always been a big fan of journaling and after becoming a part of many other great blogs, I thought what a great way to share my thoughts and passions with other like-minded people :D. Ahhhh, the glory of modern technology!

So, to conclude my very first blog post, I would like to again express how excited I am to finally officially be a part of the blogging world. I am so looking forward to start sharing and I welcome all and any comments and friends alike! Welcome to my blog and I hope you stick around!! :) :) :)