Saturday, 20 July 2013

Introductions are in order!

First off, I'd like to say that this is my very first blog and I am ohhhh so excited to get going with it! I have been thinking about it, planning, dreaming and taking pictures for a while now, trying to get myself prepared and I feel that I am ready to take the leap!

To start off, a little bit about myself....I am 30 years old, I am a pediatric nurse and my dearest boyfriend (which will from now forth be referred to as DB) and I are expecting our first baby in December 2013! We will be adding on to our furry family of an 8 year old sheltie named Dixie, a 3 year old  black lab named Alli and a 2 year old ragdoll cat named Sparrow, it will definitely be a full house! We are so SOOO!! very excited, but more on that in a later post :). One of my biggest passions (other than becoming a mother) is sewing, more specifically, quilting. So therefore, my blog will focus primarily on my latest projects, fabric finds and inspirations I am dreaming about and/or planning on doing in the near future. As well, it will include my trials and tribulations throughout my pregnancy and becoming a first time mom <3. I have always been a big fan of journaling and after becoming a part of many other great blogs, I thought what a great way to share my thoughts and passions with other like-minded people :D. Ahhhh, the glory of modern technology!

So, to conclude my very first blog post, I would like to again express how excited I am to finally officially be a part of the blogging world. I am so looking forward to start sharing and I welcome all and any comments and friends alike! Welcome to my blog and I hope you stick around!! :) :) :)

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  1. That was very well written, it looks like you have a natural talent for blogging and I can't wait for more content!