Sunday, 21 July 2013

Shades of Envy....

A while back, I watched a tutorial on the "Jelly Roll Race" on my favorite You Tube channel by Jenny Doan at, she is wicked awesome at her tutorials and I just had to try this pattern. It looked like so much fun and it was EASY! So, I did some research on various jelly roll prints, as I have never gotten one before and I wanted to find the perfect one, which I did in fact come across, but I will be posting that one at a later date ;)......that one will be an extra special project......sooooo, I decided to do a practice one!

Now a jelly roll typically consists of about 40 (sometimes less, depending on the seller) 2.5" by width of fabric strips. Since I didn't have a jelly roll, as I am waiting for "the perfect one" to arrive in the mail any day now, I just cut 2.5" strips from yardage, which is super easy (and cheaper in the end, but jelly rolls are oh so much fun when you can get all the prints in a specific line all conveniently wrapped up for you :)). Anyways, I chose my prints and cut my strips....

My mom lent me a large bag of green yardage to cut from to make an Irish Chain quilt, which I decided against at this time so I decided to pick from it for my Jelly Roll quilt, which I cleverly (haha) titled "Shades of Envy".
I cut 40 strips and then sewed them together, on the bias, to create a 2.5" x 1760" strip of fabric! Longest piece of fabric I have ever seen let me tell ya! So I then folded this piece in half to create a 2.5" x 880" strip of fabric and I sewed allllllll along one side and then cut to make 2 strips of 880"...
This is the 1760" strip folded in half...

I got through that entire strip, started the second fold and promptly ran out of thread on both my bobbin and top spool at exactly the same time, that has never ever happened before, I have no idea how I planned that...

I had to take a pic, I was that amazed lol.

And so I rewound and sewed, and folded and sewed, and folded and sewed, and folded and sewed, and when I was all done I ended up with this beauty of a quilt top :).

I am soooooo SOOOOOOO excited to back, quilt and bind it! It will be our St. Patrick's day quilt for the front room :). DB is Irish so he's pretty stoked!

And this is just a pic of my temporary sewing room, my kitchen, as DB and I are currently in the process of setting up my new sewing studio in the basement, while getting the baby's room ready <3.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!  

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  1. That's a beautiful piece and so interesting how that was put together.

    1. Thanks Christie! This was my first one, I was pretty impressed with how it turned out!

  2. What a gorgeous combination of fabrics! I love the quilt:)

    1. Thank-you so much Marianne! It was honestly fun! I am making another one here shortly with the Moda 'Mama said sew' line, I'm really excited about that one! I will try to post a link to the tutorial :). Thanks for stopping by!