Monday, 9 September 2013

It's really happening!

After a gorgeous sunny (and hot!!) day spent with my best friend and her children at our local amusement park, I came home to my DB and our first actual piece of baby furniture, ready to be put together. It was supposed to be a crib but Sears messed up the order and sent us the coordinating change table instead....I wasn't too upset as we were planning on getting that as well, I just wasn't sure if it was going to be that exact one, however once I saw it, I liked it and decided not to sent it back. We will just be getting our crib at a later date :).

So as I said, it was a very hot day today so DB decides he was going to build it in the only room in our house with ac, out bedroom. Seeing as how our laundry room is conveniently located right outside our bedroom door, I decided I would keep cool and keep him company while doing laundry.....more specifically - baby laundry!!! Oh my, the smell of Ivory baby laundry soap, it's pure heaven and I cannot wait to cuddle my little boy in his cute, baby powder smelling, teeny tiny clothing! It was surreal, I mean SURREAL folding my baby boys laundry while watching my future husband put together his change table. Something I have only dreamed of doing.

Tee Hee!!

 It's really happening. I want to cherish this time I have him safe within me, I want to savor the time DB and I have alone together, but this is going to be the longest 4 months the ever!!! I can't wait to meet my little man. It truly is happening. And I couldn't be happier. <3

 And the start of his room.....

The change table DB put together :)

And some of his little boy clothes :))

And his little bassinet that I will have right close to me for the first days, weeks, months?? (We haven't decided full on that one)

And BLANKETS!! More blankets!
The basket that's over flowing with flannel, those are yards of cut flannel that I have yet to finish for receiving blankets, then the middle one is full of store bought blankets and the last one, well I have to as my friend who gave it to has little snaps all over it?? I'm a little confused....
But either way, it is really truly happening and I cannot wait! Is it really this surreal for everyone??
Love struck,

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