Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Loooooong time, no write!!

I have thought of about a million blog posts since I last posted almost 10 months ago! I have them all written down on a mental list in my head, I will start adding them from this day forth!

Quick update.....We welcomed our beautiful baby boy December 19th, 2013. He was 3 days late, our delivery did not go quite as expected but he was (and still very much is) healthy and I did great and DF was amazing! We are over the moon in love with our son Tristan, who is now 8 months old. He is hilarious, full of energy and the most dynamic little boy we have ever met. He is absolutely everything to us, I didn't think I could be so unbelievably so wrapped up in another being, this little man is my entire world.

My maternity leave is up in less than 3 months and I have made the decision to open a day home and stay home with my son. I am a pediatric nurse with a passion for children, I didn't start my mat leave with this position in mind, but being home with my boy and sharing the passion and knowledge I have to give with other little ones just seems to make sense. I can feel it in my heart. I am excited and so relieved to have come to a decision. Plus, Tristan LOVES kids!! We have lots of kids over at our house when our friends come to visit and it's been awesome for him, (and them!).

I have also made the decision to continue to blog from this day forward, about my family, my sewing and my new upcoming adventure. I can't wait! Happy September everyone :)!

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