Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sewing for my baby boy!

I am officially 36 weeks.....4 more weeks to go till baby time, I am on maternity leave and sewing up a storm.....I LOVE IT! In the past 4 days, I finished his mini quilt - made from scraps, will probably be a little blanket for the floor or a changing blanket. I finished 2 more fitted crib sheets - I now have 3 in total, I will be getting approx 10 more from my mom. I made 3 change pad covers and 15 bum cloths from scraps from all of the above - going to compare to disposable and see what we think! I am so excited!

The little quilt :)

I used painters tape to do the cross quilting, I saw it on a tutorial a while back, this was the first time I tried it and I'm soooo impressed!! Something I will definitely do again! 

Change pad covers...

And fitted sheets....

And the bum cloths :) I really think I am going to like using them over the disposable....

I also 'recovered' two wicker baskets to coordinate with his bedding, I will post those in another post, once his nursery is officially finished! I assured DF (we are now engaged as of Sept. 27th!) that I had a vision and I am soooooooo happy it is coming together so well!!

Until then!

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